Guest list?! Am I wrong?!

I’m pissed off because I was at my moms and we started talking about the wedding.. and the guest list and I told her that my sisters boyfriend wasn’t invited and she goes on to say well what if someone did that to fiancé and I said actually someone has because they were limited on space and I would prefer to pay for someone I actually know and want there then her boyfriend it’s not like I know the man keep in mind my guest limit is 100 people at my venue.. she proceeds to say well one day you will listen you don’t invite someone but not their spouse. I said RIGHT their spouse meaning husband or wife and that’s not the case for them and my brother goes well are you inviting your best friend’s boyfriend.. I said yes because I know the man and have actually had conversations with him.. and he’s also friends with my fiancé! Don’t compare the two.. I hate the fact that everyone had an opinion but nobody but me and him are paying for it. I’m sick of the shit. Everyone that is MARRIED.. can chose rather or not they want to go but boyfriends and girlfriends NO. Fuck that. I rather pay for people WE want there not people that will benefit the guest if they choose not to come or aren’t understanding 🤷🏾‍♀️ Am I wrong?! Or not. I’m limited on space plus I have atleast 16 people on my list that I have as a maybe list.. my venue is all inclusive and if I wanted to go up to 150 it would cost me an additional $500 for food and we really don’t want to pay that because the venue is already $8,000 with just 100 guest including the wedding party and children over 3.

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