So I’m 18 and me and my boyfriend were having sex like any teenage couple would. My mom was home and let me just say we have had sex multiple times while my whole family is home just never been caught...till today. We were in my room doing the dirty and I thought they were outside so I didn’t think much and then out of no where I feel my boyfriend push himself off me so I hopped off the bed pulling my pants on and my little sister throws the door open while im struggling to put on my pants and she screams “they were putting on their pants!” And I have never felt so much anxiety in my life! I looked up to see my mom standing in the hall way and she said “what?!” And she rushed into my room and told my boyfriend to go to the living room and she was yelling at me and pretty much just telling me my actions have consequences and all this shit and then I go to the living room and he’s sitting there looking like he’s about to cry and she starts to tell him stuff blah blah blah consequences blah blah blah (like I know this mom we have sex Ed for a reason) you have sex you die. 😂 ok but for real I feel so embarrassed and so confused and my boyfriend said he no longer wants to come over because he’s embarrassed and feels weird coming over. I understand but what should I do now? I don’t know how to face my mom and I don’t want him to feel this way because initially most teenagers have sex and most teenagers sneak out and all. I never snuck out never gave anyone a reason to not trust me and yet now I’m ashamed and my mother doesn’t trust me.