I'm single and done trying to get pregnant


My bf and I went camping this weekend and have been dreaming of get pregnant with a little girl and at the end of this weekend he unlocked his phone and someone messaged me 3 paragraph messages and he claimed it a friend asking to see if anyone wanted to buy his truck. But three paragraphs from a guy seems un normal of his friends I have trust issues already because he went and got drunk and his ex and him slept together and she got pregnant and now has a kid by him which I forgave him for. But today the way he defended the text and wpuldnt show me the damn thing just seems fishy so i argue that he was lying and cheating again and he got so made he peeled out around my truck and took off and hasn't texted much back since. Just still defending his texts. Am I in the wrong for assuming hes lying a getting pissed? I know today's time people arent okay with dating someone who cheated on them but when your belt breaks you dont throw the hole car away you fix the belt. So if you have super negative comments just dont.