Baby girl October 2019


So as many know I found out I was pregnant Feb. 28th after my boyfriend left for the army on Feb. 12 it’s been a rough road since he’s been gone and not being able to talk to him has been stressful, but with all that aside I’ve come this far without him (sadly) he can’t be here to enjoy this journey with me. So as a early birthday present I found out what I was having at 16 weeks. She is beyond beautiful and a blessing and it’s crazy how things work out. Me and my boyfriend got together in October and gonna have a baby in October and I found out I was pregnant after he left for training. This is a miracle and a blessing ❤️🥰 I love my little Addison and watching her grow and watching my belly grow has been amazing I’m so grateful Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mothers to be!