Am I right to be upset? Please read, I need advice!


My husband got a friend request from an old girlfriend. They were together for 4 years and broke up a year before we started dating. He accepted it, wanting to know what she wanted (things didn’t end very well between them). I noticed they became friends when she appeared on my suggested friends list with 1 mutual friend between us. I clicked on her and sure enough, my hubby and her were friends. It happened within the last couple days because coincidentally, I was going through his photos on Facebook looking for a picture of him with his mom and found one with the ex girlfriend in it. I clicked on her profile out of curiosity and noticed that her and my husband weren’t friends. This was only last week. So at some point during the last week, they became Facebook friends. It didn’t bother me at all, being friends with an ex on Facebook is totally normal and not something to get upset about. He didn’t mention it for about a week and so today, we were talking about a different ex girlfriend and I said “speaking of ex girlfriends, you and Alexa are friends again?”. I was curious on that because he still holds some animosity towards her. He started talking about how he got curious about her and searched her name. (He thought I was asking because I saw her name on his search results). I repeated my question again but specified “you and Alexa and Facebook friends again?” And he said “oh, are we?” As if he doesn’t remember her sending him a friend request within the last week. I called him on his BS as he was arguing that they weren’t friends. Then when I showed him, he said he must’ve become friends with her awhile ago and forgot about it. Something so small had me worrying as to why he would need to lie about it. So the truth came out and he admitted he lied about it because he thought I didn’t need the stress of my husband becoming Facebook friends with an old girlfriend. And that it wouldn’t be far-fetched for me to overreact about it because I “get upset about everything”. About 6 months ago, someone sent me screenshots of him talking to an old friend and the conversation was VERY inappropriate. She was sending him sexy pics. He wasn’t exactly asking for more but wasn’t telling her to stop because this old friend was super suicidal and he didn’t want to upset her by telling her no. After that, I had issues trusting him for awhile, especially with social media. I reminded him of this today but he thinks it’s a completely different situation. Even if he lied to me with good intentions, it’s going to lead me to questing everything he says now, wondering what’s true or not. He hasn’t apologized yet and doesn’t plan to. He thinks I should be grateful for trying to keep my stress low (I’m 10 weeks pregnant).

I know that was a lot to read. Ladies, what do you think?