First round of Clomid....confused

I hope this all makes sense!

I was prescribed 50mg of Clomid and took it cycle days 3-7, as instructed. I’m currently cycle day 14 of 29/30. I’ve also been taking the clearblue advanced OPKs and have had high readings for the last few days so I know I’m nearing O but my CM isn’t really acting like it. I’m more dry than usual, but still have some CM. The CM I do have is watery though. I know...sort of a contradiction.

Has anyone had major changes with their CM after taking Clomid?? I feel like this month won’t work if my CM can’t get it’s act together. I know I could use preseed but I just don’t want to keep spending money on products I’ve already tried and it still not do anything. Also.....Anyone have any experience with watery/dry cm and still got your BFP on Clomid??