Forgotten on Mother’s Day!


Ok so I have an 11-year-old daughter (by a previous relationship) and I am 30 weeks pregnant with his first child, a boy! My husband did not tell me happy Mother’s Day or get me anything for Mother’s Day this year. My daughter made me a card of course and brought me flowers when she came from her dads house because it was his week (which they had to buy)! I tried to be in a good mood all day when I was at my moms house visiting her for Mother’s Day and when I got home I just went on into the nursery to continue painting the dinosaurs in there while my husband played his video games! I feel like the least he could’ve done was gotten me a card even if he didn’t want to go all out. I even mentioned it a few days before like what are you going to get me for Mother’s Day and he said nothing which I thought was a joke! He was like I just got you an anniversary gift that was $500 (a diamond necklace), mind you the new PS4 he was playing was his anniversary gift from me!! I feel like I am 100% in the right as far as feeling crappy because he didn’t get me anything so I was on the verge of tears pretty much all day yesterday which I’m sure the hormones have something to do with that!! Of course he is now out of town the rest of the week and it is up to me to finish the nursery before the baby shower on Saturday! Ugh!