14 weeks and feeling kicks 🥰

Okay so I thought it was crazy at first feeling a small pinching/flutter on my right side and it’s always in the same spot and started about a week ago. I was like no way could this be our baby even though I know she is active like crazy cause every ultrasound she is a wiggle worm 🐛. Well we went to find out the gender this weekend and as we were talking with the tech and she was looking at our baby I explained and showed her where I was feeling the sensation and she was like do you it feel now ? I was like yea I know it’s most liklely growing pains cause it’s so early and she goes honey those are her legs and she showed me the ultrasound and as she kicked I felt it. Still in disbelief! I just can’t believe feeling her this early just so lucky, and happy to know what that sensation is cause it’s something I had never felt before. Haha but our little girl is so active she literally kicked my tummy as the ultrasound tech was trying to read her heartbeat 😂 got it all on video and you could see it in the heartbeat waves. 😂 love her already