Teenage Dropout.

I’m only 18, and I dropped out of high school (9th grade) when I was 15/16.. I only went to 5 days of 10th grade before I stopped going and dropped out. I tried online school, didn’t work. I went to take GED classes, the lady advised me that I shouldn’t do that and should go back to school. I am now in a program for a highschool diploma that started in August and I’ve been going ever since, but since December I’ve been slacking hard core. I haven’t been coming barely and skipping weeks of school, the thing is.. with this “school” it’s all independent all on the computer work, so there’s google docs assignments all on the computer that you complete and then they grade you based on

“Needs work” “functional” or “nuanced”

So basically they say there’s no way of “failing” You either need improvement, are fine or are really good.. the thing is, this is the FIRST year of this program so it’s really messy.. the teachers are all young and the guidance women is super young and just gossips with the other girls, since this program is for people who dropped out or became mothers and couldn’t finish school or whatever, were all about 17 and up.. the highest being 21.

The program is confusing and no one really tells you how you’re doing or how much work you have left to “graduate” there’s no report cards or anything like that.. my mom thinks this is so good for me and easy but she is older and doesn’t really understand the fact that it’s ALL on computer and that no one is standing up teaching us lessons or going around checking our work.. she also doesn’t understand the fact that no one is telling me my progress even though im ASKING & I’m confused on how they’re running this program... I’ve also never had a job... I feel like I have no motivation.. for a job, for school, to graduate... anything.

I feel like I want those things, I want to graduate and finish school but I never want to actually come to this program and it’s hard doing everything online and having no one actually explain it and teach it to us..

I don’t know what to do, I feel like a failure. I feel like I can’t do anything right & that I’m going to be nothing.. can someone help me or give me advice ?

Anyone who’s dropped out or around my age going through something similar or has gotten there GED ?

I’ve been in this program since August & I feel like I’ve wasted a whole year here barely getting ANY work done and not learning shit... the teachers are horrible and it’s like they’re honestly getting paid to just sit around and joke with the other teachers and students since everything is online and no one has to actually walk around and grade us or teach us.. since I dropped out in 9th grade I need a lot of credits to finish school, but no one is telling me any progress even when I ask or try to find out.. I need a lot of classes to finish, but no one is telling me how to speed up the process of finishing the classes or what I should do.. it feels like I’m coming here for no reason...

My boyfriend has a job &graduated & feels like this program is a joke since Im not even close to finishing school or I don’t even have a job, it upsets him bc he thinks I come here for no reason.. He doesn’t want me to start school again next year (in august) bc he feels like a job would be better since I’d actually be making money instead of coming to this program to sit and stare at the computer......

I ask for help, and what to do, and where is my progress at? And I feel like they ignore me and can’t really answer questions I have since the program is so new...

Please don’t leave hate & thank you for reading alll of this... please leave me advice.. I know dropping out was dumb & it’s a big regret of mine. Please leave me kind & helpful advice.. thank you 💕😪😪🥺☹️