Having visitors?? Need advice


Hey ladies,

I’m kind of in an awkward pickle here.. my friend is visiting from Europe a week after my due date. She is staying with another friend but was originally supposed to come two months after i have my baby. She’s assuming that she is coming over to our house and meeting the new baby a week or two weeks after baby is born. However we don’t feel comfortable having visitors that soon since baby has no vaccinations yet and is still so new.

I’m having a hard time telling my friend who I’d love to see but it’s just not a good time. We spoke beforehand when would be a good time to come and I did tell her at least two months after i give birth. But all of a sudden she said she was coming a week after My due date.

How do I tell my friend she can’t meet my new baby while she is here for two weeks?

Especially with the measles outbreak it’s making my husband and I uncomfortable.

Am I just being paranoid?