We took our 3.5 month old son on a trip to visit our families last week. When he was 6 weeks old he contracted a cold virus from his big sister and he ended up with viral induced neutropenia which puts him at higher risk for infection. He's already been hospitalized and on antibiotics once for sepsis. His white cell counts were improving so our doctor said we were fine to take him on a plane. Of course the day we fly home someone flew through the same terminal who has now had a confirmed measles diagnosis so our whole family was potentially exposed. My husband, daughter and I are vaccinated but not our baby boy. We are now stuck at home, waiting to see if he gets sick or not. Because of his history any small symptom and we have to go immediately to the ER and call ahead so they can isolate him. I'm so frustrated, angry and terrified, sure, most people recover from measles just fine within a couple weeks but someones choice not to vaccinate could kill my son as his immune system is already compromised.