Finding out baby’s gender

Next week I am going in for my anatomy scan, and at first I was told that no one was allowed in the room with me during it, but apparently I’m allowed to bring in one person. Regardless, I want to do it alone. I know it sounds very mean, but I am no longer with the father of my baby, we are on extremely good terms, and still go out together, but we are no longer dating, and this is something I’d prefer to do alone. I understand this is the only time he gets any type of bond with the baby before it’s here, but I haven’t really felt the baby move yet, so I feel like I need that bond just the same, if not more. Now, the logical thing would to be just allowing him in there with me, but I invited him last time, and he honestly ruined it for me. His commentary made my blood boil (hormones I suppose). He talked the whole time, making comments such as “it’s got a big head haha” and I just don’t want my experience ruined again. With all that said, I also plan on finding out the gender at this scan, which I also prefer to do alone. I had this huge thing planned, how I was going to surprise him with the gender etc. but he thinks we should both find out together, because he doesn’t think it’s fair for me to find out first. I just know I will regret it if I don’t do it alone, and this will be one of my last ultrasounds. Am I being selfish?