How long after bloody show did you go into labor?


My due date is June 9th. This is my second pregnancy and with my first I didn’t have a bloody show. Today is the third day that I am having this bloody mucous plug thing. I have been having softer more frequent bowel movements and mild cramping the past few days and was 2 cm dilated when I had my cervix check about a week ago. Has anyone else gone through similar or any idea how close I might be?

UPDATE: So it is now Tuesday and I haven’t had any more bloody show today or yesterday just lots of pelvic pressure and discomfort. My feet and ankles have been getting more and more swollen. I went on a long walk earlier so HOPEFULLY that helps move things along!

UPDATE: So it is now Wednesday and the mucous has returned and it’s even thicker and darker this time. I have had pulsating back pain and cramps all day and my feet and ankles are even bigger. I am so ready for all these strange things to stop!

This is the new discharge: