What should I do

So me and my partner have been dating a year and 5 months we live together with his parents well I’ve been ready to move out and start a life and he says he’s ready as well but hasn’t proved it ever since we’ve been dating he’s shown me how much of a mommy’s boy and daddy’s boy he is by giving them money and leaving us with alittle money for the month we can’t leave because “his parents will lose the house if he take it out of his name says his mother” and she treats me like a nobody saying if I cheat or talk to this guy she’s gonna make him break up with me not once not twice but five times she’s done that knowing I barely go anywhere I can’t drive and I’m always stuck up my partners butt let me get one thing straight I’m not a cheater I’ve never cheated in my life and I have guy friends but I’m not allowed to talk to them or it’s considered cheating to his mom but yet he can talk to girls all he wants because “they are childhood friends” I feel I have to be careful of what I’m doing around them I have caught them talking about me more than once not good and now when they talk I always ask but he lies about it to me he also doesn’t tell me how much money he has and when he does he lies about it she’s always in our business our relationship to the point she has to sit us down and tell us how it’s gonna go and that we will be living with them for a long time and he agrees and let’s her do it I feel like I’m dating his mother not him basically I wanna leave but i don’t know how and it’ll also be a disaster if I do and she will be the one doing it while he sits back and let’s her I foresee it not being good any way I possibly do it 😔😞

Edit: I’m sorry if it’s confusing I was crying as i was typing this