Does this sound like I could be pregnant? A little long.

SO. Iam on the pill. I have been for 3 years now. I’ve never missed one, but this month I took some an hour late due to work, my house was at 77 degrees, which is my pills like “ max” temp, but it can go a little higher in certain conditions. Anyway. My boyfriend and I had sex 3 weeks ago. Also used a condom. The condom did not break, but as he pulled out I noticed that it was rolled a little at the bottom. he said it happened as he pulled out and not during, but who really knows. So about three days later I had brown spotting for 2 days and I was mid pill pack. My face was breaking out and I started peeing ALOT. My one nipple also had a milky discharge when squeezed. I was under a lot of stress from finals and a musical I was in. After a few days later everything was okay again? Now time for my withdrawal bleed. It arrived on time, with Normal clots and everything. But now it doesn’t seem to be stopping? I took a FRER digital on the day after my bleeding started and it was negative. But I know digitalis may not worl as well. Does anyone think I could be pregnant or just a weird month from stress and my pill?