Accidental anal

Steph • 23, Canada, social service worker

I took a massive dick in the butt by accident like full on wrong hole moment and all day my bhole been hurtin I took extra strength Advil farts are slipping outta me like it’s nothing I’m talking coke can plantain 🍆 here

I cried. He panicked.

Like I’ve done anal before but never with a dick that big and I was prepared for it

But ALAS, this just is my life

So anyways I get home from work just now

And I’m like YO WHATS THE DAMAGE ya know

So I get a hand mirror

I spread my shit


My butthole





In all seriousness though will I be okay unsure


Butthole? Recovered.

Dignity? Gone.

Follow up theory: last time I hooked up with this guy I farted WHILE GIVING HIM HEAD?? and my coworker suggested he did this as a preemptive measure to “plug it up” LMAO??? Now I’m sus tho 🤔