Our first time ❤️

I pull up at his apartment and he meets me to my car. He’s wearing grey gym shorts (my favorite). And I can see every detail in them. He’s already turned on and I can tell. I can also hear it in his breath . We walk into his apartment and we sit on the couch. I try to start getting all touchy and I end up on his lap. We start kissing softly while he runs his fingers thru my hair I start grinding back and forth on his cock. His shorts were so thin I could feel every detail. It is so big. Every movement he’s getting harder and harder. I start kissing up on his neck and he starts moaning in my ear for more as he starts feeling up on my waist and then my ass .Grabbing at me harder as he begged for more. I whisper in his ear and tell him to bring me to his room.He Picks me up and carries me to his room. He throws me on his bed and looks down at me with those eyes and climbs on top of me. His thick cock starts rubbing up against my pussy and is making me wetter and wetter with each stroke as he kisses my neck

He flips me over and as I get on top of him he starts slowing rubbing my back and unhooks my bra. He removes my shirt and starts Kissing all over my chest. The kissing turns into sucking and him playing with my chest. As I’m still sitting on top his lap on top of his big cock...... I lean him back and lay on top of him. His body feels so perfect We kiss softly for another few minutes so passionately. He flips me over and gets on top of me. He slowly works his hands down to my shorts and pulls them off of me. Looking down at me. He pulls off my panties next. I for the first time was completely naked with him. With anybody the first time It felt so perfect . I remove the rest of his clothes. His boxers .... and I slowly grab for his cock. It’s so big and so hard. I can tell that I’m turning him on. I catch a glimpse at it and it is so perfect I want it inside me. I remove his shirt and as I do. He pulls back a little and just admired my body. We are both completely naked The skin to skin contact is so fn sexy His cock is rubbing up against my inner thigh and I want it so bad. Just to slip inside me Just as it starts rubbing up against my pussy I reach over for the condom and put it on for him We kiss a little more and I finally can’t take him teasing me anymore. I grab his big cock and guide it to my wet pussy. He starts slowly sliding it against me and I keep getting wetter I feel it slowly start going inside of me Then he goes deeper and I grab onto his back and I whisper into his ear to go slower bc it’s too big He starts kissing my neck so gently and shoves his cock all the way inside of me. I bite my lip and look him in the eyes as he starts fucking me harder. To be continued