I think I'm losing my mind

Lauren •

So I want to give a little back story. May 2nd was our first appointment with our reproductive endocrinologist(we have to drive 3 hrs to see him)

Met him and he ordered a total of 25 labs for me to complete.(got those done Friday thank God)

This Thursday we are making a trip back to Tulsa to see our doctor. Apparently he wants you there day 2, 3 or 4 of your cycle to do more tests and have an ultrasound of your tubes and follicles to see if things are working like they should.

My expected period is supposed to be here tomorrow. I havent felt like it was coming, like at all. I took a test and got this. I know this type is bad blah blah blah but I see something there. I will know 100% on Thursday but I see something there 😔🤦‍♀️😯

What do you think?