Too soon?

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a month now, we were friends a couple months before we got together so we’re still getting to know each other. He has a bad sleeping schedule, he works from home and his job causes him to stay up pretty late causing him to get up late. He recently said he wants to fix his sleeping schedule, sooo I was I had an idea to maybe make him some breakfast and take it over to his place and wake him up with breakfast in bed...sounds really cheesy but it’s the thought that counts🤣 I’m sure he’ll appreciate anyway..hopefully. I was thinking of making this like a daily routine to help him out with his sleeping schedule since I wake up super early everyday. Also to give him a good start to his day and just show him some love. So my question is if this might seem a bit weird or creepy to just sneak in to his apartment everyday with breakfast so soon in the relationship. Or do you think it’ll just be sweet and endearing. I guess I should mention this is my first ever relationship and I have no idea what I’m doing🤣 (I’m 17 he’s 18).

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