Getting induced at 38 weeks because decrease in baby weight, help?


Okay, so my baby's weight has decreased from last ultrasound and she's at around the 10th percentile and only 2.4kg. My placenta and everything is normal, and they have no idea why she decreased in weight and growth. It has been recommended that I to be induced next week rather than go into labour naturally.

Initially I wanted to do a natural birth with no epidural. But, now that I most likely will get induced and heard that it is more painful than going on your own is it likely that I will need to take an epidural? Is the pain really more intense? I don't know what to do, because of this induction, is there a higher risk of needing to go through an emergency c section?

According to the pamphlet I was given today, there are 4 types of inductions: 1. A hormone called prostaglandin 2. Balloon catheter 3. Artificial rupture of membranes 4. A hormone called syntocinon.

I don't even know what all this means or which one is best. I honestly wasn't stressed or worried about giving birth until now because I have no idea and I only have 1 week left to get everything sorted. And on top of that I am so worried there is something wrong with the baby because the doctors don't know why 😣😣

Please share your experience if you have been induced with your first child.