Has anyone experienced Grandparents treating grandchildren differently?

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Ok long story short 😊

My daughter was the first grandchild for my partners mum. You know what that was like she was so spoiled more so with lots of love and attention. Then we had another daughter and that was great too. My partners sister than had a baby which his mum practically takes care of her herself for some unknown reason so his mum is very close with her baby then my partners brother just had a baby the first boy abs she practically never puts this baby down. 4 grandchildren all up for her and one on the way with myself.

Now here’s my problem.

My oldest (her first) will be in the lounge talking to her or just talking to anyone in the house and she gets ignored? She’s four so she stands there repeating herself till somebody listens to her. I feel like I am the only one that sees this? I’ve also seen my daughter walk in the house and say hello to everyone and she has been ignored by his mum or his sister because they are with the new baby. One time after my daughter ran in excitedly saying hi I seen his sister roll her eyes and I swear it took all my fucking might not say anything.

What do I do? Because I’m starting to feel like not taking them over anymore