All I wanted was food🍔 UPDATE!

Jordan • ✨First-Time Mom

I did a pregnancy test on May 8th because I was like "things feel off but let's double check" and it was negative. And I knew it was early so I wanted to test again closer to my period. Then the 15th I was a day late and I was like "I've never been late before but my body's so fuckin weird it's probably nothing”. Then last Thursday (May 16th)

around 6:30PM we headed to an urgent care ER cause I hurt my eye with my contacts and it was bad. They had me pee in a cup and drew some blood for procedures cause my blood pressure and heart rate were high. Nurses came back SO MUCH LATER, asked my mom to leave the room for a second, and were like "did you know you were pregnant" and I was just thinking to myself, "I wanted in-n-out and to go to bed early for work. Instead I have a cut on my eye, AND I'm pregnant."Ike I got so much more than I was asking for and never got to eat that night lol. But it’s four days later now (May 20th) and I’m 4w6d according to Glow and my parents and I are actually really excited! But I’m a type one diabetic and a high-risk pregnancy so I have a doctor appointment today to learn a bit more about what’s going on.😁


So yesterday I had that appointment to see if it was possible I could have an ectopic pregnancy because during my initial ER visit they did an ultrasound and saw a lump on my left side. Good news, doc said there’s no way it could be ectopic and because my hCG levels were 38.1 and so low it could be a chemical pregnancy. So I did some more bloodwork and am impatiently waiting for the results to come in hopefully tomorrow.😪 I’m so impatient, that I did an at home pregnancy test (cause I never got to do one to find out myself). And it made me so happy to see that my line was so clear and hopefully I’m just early in my pregnancy and my little babe sticks and is healthy!