Baby bump

𝐵𝓊𝓃𝓃𝓎 • Que será, que será.

I went to a Sunday dinner last night.. we kinda sorta told everybody we’re expecting. I’m 10 weeks now and feeling good. Any who, I had been extremely bloated and was “showing” up until last week, some of the bloat went down. Still showing a bit but not enough to know I am in fact pregnant. We ate collard greens and red beans.. dirty rice. About 30 minutes later the gas picked up. I held it in. For about an hour. I noticed uncles and aunties starting to rub my stomach and ask questions..

“Please don’t rub that.. majority of it’s gas!!!!

Push a little harder next time auntie! Watch what happens.”

Now everybody knows I’m pregnant.

“We can really see that baby growing!”

It’s actually a fart growing.