Line progression?

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Sorry for the long post!! I have been super confused on what’s going on.... I started my “period” on May 12-15th. It was six days early and super light. My period has always been light so I didn’t think much of it. I used a tampon and it never filled up, but I couldn’t quite tell if it was spotting. It was lighter the first day and the last day for sure. I didn’t have to wear a tampon, I just wiped. Then I went back and looked at my history on this app and realized it was super weird that I had a period so early, so I tested. I didn’t start getting symptoms until about yesterday. I have these pains on the sides of my breasts near my armpits, some mild cramping and I puked this morning. I’m scared because I can’t see anything on the cheapie strips nor the Walmart 88 cent tests. Only FRER or clear blue. I know with out a doubt I was or still am pregnant. I just want a dark line before I head to the doctor. Do these look like theyre getting darker?? I’m worried that these are leftover faint lines from a miscarriage the 12th-15th :(

Friday’s tests:

Saturday’s tests:

Today’s test:

Friday’s and today’s: