Blood clots

Michelle • 26. 1 Failed IVF....Rainbow baby🌈....IVF in August

Well today was my rescan. The baby did grow another 3mm and the heart beat was 153bpm. I still have a 21mm blood pool next to my gastational sac. Since my blood rest starting on May 14 it only went down 1mm. At least it went down tho. I still have to be on bed rest because I am at rest for a miscarriage. Does anyone know if this is common or knew someone who had this. I dont have another appt with the fertility dr unless I have issues. My obgyn appt is June 6 so Im guessing Im on bed rest till then if It doesnt pass.

Heres a pic below. The baby is on the left and the big oval is the blood. Trying to be positive.