Send help 😭


I am only 34+3 (cue sobbing) and on Saturday I woke up in the most intense pain ever. I believe baby girl has dropped and is engaged (second baby here) and I’m over analyzing my pictures now lol. Left is Mother’s Day, right is today at work. I do have SPD and there’s an unbelievable amount of pressure being put on my pubic bone making it to where I can barely move. I have also been cramping on and off all weekend. Work today has been miserable, I teach second grade and I can barely get up to move around the room. I’m on a yoga ball to help relieve the pressure. Not only that but I’m nauseous today with very little appetite and overall, I have a super “weird” feeling. I can’t put my finger on it. I know there’s no point in calling the doctor because technically nothing is happening. But I’m genuinely afraid that I’m quickly approaching labor.

Is the dropping in my head? Am I being dramatic? Because I tend to jump to worst case scenario all the time lol.