Cervical position?


I have been using mostly cervical mucus and position as means of determining when I’m fertile and possibly pregnant. Usually after my ovulation is over, my cervix drops way low and gets very hard and I have next to no cm. Now, I am 9 dpo and my cervix has been going up and down. it’ll go from relatively low, not as low as usual but about two knuckles in (sorry if tmi lol) and firm to so high I can barely reach it and very soft and I have a medium amount of watery cm. So is this a sign that I could be pregnant or am I reading too much into it? I’m just too anxious, I have 4 days until AF is due, one pregnancy test and no money so I’m trying to put off peeing on the stick. Lol plus I figure it will help me track better in the future 🤷‍♀️