A guy who is in my study course started texting me as soon as he found out that I'm single. I didn't want to get into anything just yet and he wasnt really my type plus, he's got quite a bad reputation with girls and everyone warned me against him but it was already too late. He kissed me and started acting like he was my boyfriend in front of people. He's quite possessive, he can't see me with a guy or he'd try to butt in but he talks to and hugs and texts (in an overly friendly manner if you get what i mean) a lot of girls. He respects boundaries for now, as in he respects my wish to not move quickly. He told a lot of people about us..but there is no us right now. We havent even been on a proper date. What scares me most is that he has a list of girls he's gone out with and he says a lot of sexual jokes or asks overly sexual questions out of the blue.

Last time, i hung out with him, his friends came along. One in particular just made me blush immediately.. he's exactly my type.. he's got these sweet, soft brown eyes, this adorable smile, this cute, messy mop of hair πŸ˜‚, I've heard amazing things about him and i feel like I've got this really horrible crush all of a sudden.. today i saw this cute giy and idk i feel like he's unsure but he does joke a little with me and today he sat down next to me instead of going over to his friends' table.

But i don't know what to do. I dont know if i should come up with something to break up with this guy and possibly, just maybe, try with his cute friend or just forget everything.

I just.. i havent felt so happy around a guy in ages, then his friend comes along and I'm red faced and giggling along his jokes and i find myself constantly wanting to just hug him..πŸ™ˆ

What dya think i should do?..