What would be a fair punishment here?

I just wanted some opinions from others on here about this situation. I feel this is not fair and a injustice.

someone close to me was accused of attempted rape. The girl that accused him completely made it up to ruin his reputation she had no intentions of going to the police but instead spread it around the high school ( they were both minors in high school).. her reasoning was because she didn’t like him and wanted sympathy from others. So rumors like these travel fast it took one whole day for the news to get to the girls mom and her mom called the police and reported it.

He was arrested and thrown in jail immediately. He spent about 2 months awaiting trial.

The day in question that he was accused of attempted to rape her they were not alone and another friend was there who also knew the truth. This friend met up with her to talk and secretly recording her. She cried and admitted she made it up and she didn’t know this was going to happen. He told her to tell the truth but she said she couldn’t because it’s gone to far.

The guy who was about to stand trial was looking at 15 years in prison and already was serving 2 month in jail awaiting trial.

The recording was played in the courtroom and the girl had no option but to admit she lied and made everything up.

Of course he choose to press charges on her and she was sentenced to 1 year probation...

So I can’t help but feel that is not a fair sentence when he already had to spend 2 month in jail, his reputation dragged through the dirt, the fear that if he was wrongly convicted he would spend 15 years in prison, his family spent a fortune on lawyers, he didn’t get to graduate with the rest of his class and ended up dropping out of his high school from the stress and his reputation being destroyed, and he spent his birthday and Christmas in a jail not celebrating with his family like she got to do. Even years after he still had to fight to clear his name and reputation.

What do you think do you think 1 year probation is a fair punishment or, do you think she should of been sentenced to time in prison, or what would be a fair punishment?