Boyfriend doesn’t want a normal job??

So me and my boyfriend are fairly young, still live at home and currently unemployed. I know that in the situation I’m in I can’t really be picky and I’ll take almost any opportunity I get.

On the other hand, my boyfriend always says he doesn’t want a normal job and that he wants to just go to school for “music production”. He makes music as a hobby (I honestly think it’s really bad and don’t see it going anywhere to be completely honest) and wants that to be his career.

In my eyes it’s completely unrealistic and if we ever want a home together or be financially stable this isn’t going to work. He’s extremely stubborn about it and insists he doesn’t want anything else. I try to make him understand people have to do things they don’t want sometimes to make it by in life, but he gets offended and pissed at me if I say anything about it.

Should we just end things for the better or am I being selfish..? It makes me feel like I’m being a bitch but I just hate the thought of me being the only one contributing while he’s over there trying to make a career out of his hobby/his “dream”.

And to the people saying I don’t want him to achieve his dreams and goals, I WOULD LIKE THAT, but he literally DOES NOT WANT A REGULAR JOB IN THE MEANTIME. He is BROKE and has been for a long time now!