Maybe I’m too in love ?

Please don’t judge. Maybe I don’t know why I’m even posting but here I go. I’ve been with my man for a year and half. We have a baby. I’ve been going to the gym during lunch break for almost 2 months & he still doesn’t know about it. I’m scared to tell him because I know he’ll get mad. He’ll get mad that maybe guys are looking at me or what I am wearing. He literally got mad at me the other day for wearing a dress to work. I can’t even wear shorts around my house because he says someone will see thru the windows. I had to delete all my social media. I can’t do anything because of his reaction. I already deleted all my social media and he still thinks I’m dumb because I have this app & reddit, when they aren’t really like social media, to me at least. I’m not scared of physical abuse but I think he’s definitely messing with me mentally. I even started going to counseling every 2 weeks. I feel I know god will give me someone better but I want him I want to give my son the family he deserves.