Nipple Confusion


So my first day home with Kristoff I had several breakdowns because my nipples had been DESTROYED during his feedings. The lactation consultant wasn’t very helpful after I specifically requested her not long after getting to my room with him (c-section) to avoid something like that happening. I was in a horrible amount of pain and due to how scabbed they were, they weren’t releasing enough milk while he was feeding which left him so hungry. I ended up becoming horribly engorged because of this as well. Thankfully I had some samples of formula and after calling my mom at 3am (as she was leaving for work) and gave in while sobbing so that my baby wouldn’t starve.

I felt like I had failed my baby and that the choice to give him a pacifier had made it even harder to feed him which caused even more damage to my nipples.

We decided to supplement with formula and that I would strictly pump because obviously feeding him from my boobs wasn’t going very well. After my nipples were completely healed I tried feeding him directly on my boob and to my amazement he seemed to be latching on better than ever after bottle feeding.

Now since he is doing AMAZING feeding from my boobs, we even were able to do this while walking around at the store, we have decided to go back strictly to breast milk. I have been able to build up a small supply for my parents who will be watching him and hope to increase it since things are going so well.

Basically, fuck nipple confusion being used as a scare tactic instead of actually helping me which is why I’ll never go back to those Lactation consultants. I would love to see actual helpful people and will be talking to my doctor to see if she recommends anyone outside of the hospital ones.