HELP opinions desperately needed!

i am 37 weeks and three days. baby was 9.5 pounds last week at the appointment. my doctor told me today that we’re going to wait two more weeks for a c-section. im freaking out because it just doesn’t feel right. she told me a couple months ago that they normally induce when baby hits 9 pounds because it starts getting dangerous. im getting very annoyed and angry that’s she keeps making me wait and wait, i don’t want a huge baby and more importantly i don’t feel like she’s safe. i told her i wanted a natural birth from the beginning and she’s constantly pushed c-section on me. now she has a reason because she won’t let me have the baby. i understand im not a doctor but im tired of seeing women post their birth story saying “induced early because of big baby” i just don’t understand. i want to call my doctor and demand she does something but im too shy. now im more than stressed and being forced to wait two more weeks so my already big baby can get even bigger when other women are getting induced/scheduled c-sections for their big babies at 9 pounds.