Friendship problems

So basically me and my best friend Eva have been friends since year 2 we are both now in secondary school (high school) in year 8. We both went to different secondary schools and basically lost contact and saw each other twice but recently I’ve made more of an effort to se her since we started the new year and we’ve been out like 5 times

But each one of those times I’ve reached out to her to do something

I planned for us to go ice skating today and I told her to be at my house for 11:30 since are ice skating slot time was at 12:30 and the place is like 45 minutes away

So it’s just turned 11 and I text her when she is going to be here and she didn’t respond so it’s like 11:30 now so I call her and I ask has she left she said not yet but soon so casual like we didn’t have some where to be

So it’s just turned 12 and she is still not here and I know we won’t have any time to skate since it takes 45 train journey and the slot Finnishes at 1:30

So I call her again and she said she just left and I tell her we have to reschedule since we will have no time to skate and the next slot is at 18:20 and my mum won’t let me leave the house that late since it will be pitch black and I’m only 13

I always feel like I’m making such a effort to see her since I’m ALWAYS the one to call her to see if she wants to go out and IM always going out of my way so we can do things but it’s not the same both ways

She was my best friend for such a long period of time and still is but I feel as if it’s one sided

What do I do