Prayer request


Hi ladies, hope you’re all doing well. Just needing prayers as I spent the last few days in hospital. I’ve been having issues with my gallbladder and when I presented to hospital on Monday my bloods showed infection to the gallbladder and liver. I spent the day fasting on Tuesday as they were talking about surgery to remove the gallbladder. I informed the doctors that I only wanted surgery as the last resort as baby is still 27 weeks. They started me on antibiotics and the plan was if I didn’t improve they would still do surgery. Thank God my bloods showed that I was responding to antibiotics so I’m on medication and fat free diet for the rest of my pregnancy as my gallbladder is not processing fats not that I eat much fatty foods. I actually have lost weight since I finding out we were pregnant and haven’t managed to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. So I’ll be seen by the dietician for the rest of my pregnancy but baby is measuring almost 28 weeks so they’re not too worried that I haven’t put on weight and I’m also considered overweight due to my high BMI.

I’m also already on bedrest and taking progesterone pessaries until 36 weeks for incompetent cervix/dynamic cervix.

This is our 3rd pregnancy and no kids but this is the furthest we’ve ever made it.

I think our little boy is going to be an only child 😊 as I’ve found this hard.

If you could pray for me that I don’t end up having any more episodes regarding my gallbladder and my cervix remains closed until we get to at least 37-38 weeks.