baby food helpppppp

Any one else have a baby not interested in baby food? I have been trying (not forcing) baby food since she turned 4 months, shes now going to be 6 months in a week. I was trying twice a day (per her pediatrician) once in the morning and once around dinner. Im using beechnut and sprout baby food and I have tried all kind of flavors. One day it seems like shes doing great shell open her mouth (I think were doing progress) then the next time she will only open once or twice until she realizes and then shes done and wants the bottle. The dr. told me try a pouch so yesterday I did she took almost all of it. So I try today and of course as soon as she figured out food came out of it she refused it.

Also when we eat she like eyes our plates down and wants it lol. 

I have tried cereal (oatmeal and rice) plain and mixed with baby food, baby yogurt also plain and mixed, she wasn’t interested in any (one or two bites then done) but I have given her tiny broken up pieces of puffs and yogurt bites and she loves them. So Idk if its just the baby food texture or what??? My first took food so easy, Im at a loss on what to do 😩

*she doesn’t have any teeth yet