Mystery Pain? 😧

Valerie • Returning to college and trying for the first baby.

So yesterday I was minding my own business and sitting through my classes. I started to feel these weird crampy twinges, but nothing sever, just an odd sensation. I'd never felt them before. This continues all day till my last class and by this point it's late afternoon.

I'm walking from the computer lab back to the classroom when I feel this intense pain. It felt like a super heavy and very painful cramp. It was almost a hot sort of pain and it was very difficult to walk. I have NEVER felt a pain like that in all of my history of injuries, gas pains, tummy issues, etc. It was definitely in the uterus neighborhood, lower in the pelvis and dead center.

Now I haven't been tracking my ovulation lately, but we did BD a few days before my predicted ovulation and this pain occurred 7 days after. I lasted for maybe 30 to an hour and went away. My period isn't due for another week or so.

I don't know what that was, but dear God it was bad.