took another test 1 week later


So i took a test last Wednesday a $3 one from the doller store got 2 lines . My husband and i have been trying off and on for about 10years . I am 38 have pcos was taking letrozole to help ovulation . This was my last refill before id have to make an appointment to see the doctor again.Everytime i missed my period the tests came back negative. MY heart broke everytime. I couldnt belive i got 2 lines so i took another $1 test on friday got 2 lines again. This morning 1 week later i took a digital test and yep i am pregnant. I still cant belive it . I called my family doctor told them i think im pregnant and need to see him unfortunately i cant get in till june 3 . i just want him to confirm it to make sure its not a

dream lol .