Meet Cooper 🥰


Our little man! Born May 19, 10 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches. Due date was May 16 and we were planning to be at the hospital on the 19th to start induction.

I had absolutely zero signs that he was coming any time soon, so mom and dad stayed up super late watching movies. I got up to pee at 3:30 am, after a whole hour and a half of sleep, and my water broke when I got back into bed. Such a strange feeling 😂. We were in labor for 19 hours. I got an epidural, but the drip quit working around the end of hour 15 and nobody believed me at first. Finally got that fixed, it was only 45 minutes to an hour without, but holy moly I’m seriously amazed at the moms that make it through all natural! 😲❤️. After two and a half long hours of pushing, we finally got to meet Cooper and our hearts are so full! 🥰

He was estimating big the entire pregnancy. At last check, we knew he’d be close to 9+ pounds. Everyone kept saying, “Oh, that’s just an estimate. He will probably be smaller.” Nope! 😂😂😂

These pictures are one week old. 😊