Induction turned c-section

Cervidil, balloons, insane amounts of pitocin, epidurals and absolutely zero progress... that’s when they decide to cut you open instead. She made it though. Beautiful as ever, a head full of hair, alert, calm, barely fussy and even has perfect blood sugars (I had GD). She already has her daddy wrapped around her finger, she’s still trying to figure out how to get my boobs to work, luckily I produced and expressed A LOT of colostrum so she’s gotten plenty. This is day two at home and it’s gone amazing so far. We’re over the moon, so in love, she is perfect, we made that beautiful being.

Thank you everyone. She’s definitely our little princess. I was sad I didn’t get the delivery I had wanted but I’m glad to have her here with us.

She just loves listening to us talking.