So I took two pregnancy test (red dye cause everyone says that works best!) And they both within 3-5 mins or less came out vvvvfl. And AF was due today. Had my period around the 25th of April. And was due today for a period. And o took the first test thinking it was just an evap. Took the test and almost instantly came up a vvvfl. I'm freaking out cause this would be my first kid. And I don't know what symptoms to expect. I've got AF cramping. No bleeding or spotting. A white creamy discharge with no smell. Breast and nipples are very sensitive and it even hurts to have the shower water hit my nipples. I need to know if it's normal to get a vvvvfl on the day of my period. Also checked my cervix and it feels like the tip of my nose lol so idk if that's normal either