OPKs/Did I miss my surge?


Hi ladies!

So I started testing this cycle using my opk strips. I noticed that I didn’t capture my “surge” and I’m curious what y’all think. I experienced cramping/ewcm/chin acne Sunday-Monday (CD 14/15). I also had a sinus infection Sat-Tuesday. We BD Tuesday and Saturday (Bc I was so sick Sunday/Monday we didn’t). Today my cervix is very firm, low + closed, indicating ovulation is over for this cycle. I am very regular, normal periods and experience the same mid-month cramping/ewcm/acne/etc every single month. I also drink ALOT of water (well over the 120oz/day). So I’m confused and not sure if CD15 would be considered my peak? I should have tested more than 1x that day but I was out and feeling sick.