Nursing frequency at night, 4.5 month old


Hey ladies! We have started somewhat "sleep training" our little girl after the dr's encouragement at her 4 month appt. She went through a 3 week regression which had her nursing all hours of the night, so now we have her in her own room and crib and are letting her fuss / cry it out (limited). The only thing is now, I don't want to nurse every time she wakes up to fuss at night bc I know she isn't always hungry, but at the same time I definitely don't want to let her go hungry! So I was curious how many times a night your babes woke up and ate at around this age overnight ? I am going to do a dream feed at 10/11... Then am expecting to nurse once or twice between that and her wake up at 630. I feel like one additional session should be plenty but was curious the norm :) I used to know her patterns but they all went out the window for that sleep regression so I feel like I'm starting over!! Lol