Maternity clothes yard sale prices???

Lisa • Married mom of 4!! 2 boys 💙and 2 girls 💖

I am selling all my maternity clothes in a yard sale this Saturday. I am pricing everything now and wanted opinions on it. I have nice dresses at $5 capris at $5 shorts at $4 jeans at $6 tops are $2-3 depending on if there dressy or everyday tops. Everything is in excellent condition and name brand stuff. Mostly from motherhood store. Some from kohl’s. Does this seem to high? To me it’s a great deal I spent easily $2000 on all these clothes. I was pregnant 3 times in 4 years so I have a lot!!! But most of it was bought in the last 2 years. Would anyone buy this stuff at this price??? Should I go lower or higher on the dresses and jeans??