Birth story.


Just getting around to it but I was due on May 13 and I decided that I wanted to be induced on May 14, I went in at 6:30 and they started everything with the pill inserted vaginally every four hours. His heart rate kept dipping but as long as he kept recovering from it they weren’t worried. The next morning I was at a 3 at 6:30 am and I began to have SUPER strong contractions around 9:30 am after they broke my water at 9 and started the pitocin since the pill wasn’t getting me anywhere brings I was at a 4. My baby responded positively to my water breaking and everything. My wonderful nurse went and found me a birthing ball to be on during contractions and my goodness did that help. But they made me get back in the bed since they needed to keep his heart rate on the monitor since they had started my pitocin. After 4 hours of hard contractions, I was still only at a 4 so I got an epidural so I could sleep before pushing and being awake for everything. When they inserted the catheter his heart rate dropped to 80 and things were getting worrisome. They put a monitor on his head to get a better read on his heart and put another monitor in my uterus to see how things were progressing. My doctor came in around 2:45 and checked and he was facing up and I was still at a 4. So they gave me the choice of waiting it out or having a c section. After seeing his heart rate drop so low so many times I decided to have a c section. My beautiful baby boy, Josiah, was born at 3:56pm on May 15, 2019.