Need to vent 😩😢

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So today is my birthday and i’m having a bad day 😏 it was okay until i recieved a phone call from the ultrasound place i was supposed to do my anatomy scan this Saturday and was told they need to rescheduled my appointment due to their tech not coming in so they’re gna close the clinic that day 😩 mine you i was supposed to do it 2 weeks ago but had to rescheduled it due to switching insurance and my gem code didn’t process in time so i said fine and now this 😭 i’ll be 23 weeks this saturday and i was told they only do it till 24 weeks for accuracy and the next open slot they have is 06/07 a day before i turned 24 weeks and my husband is working that day and i have no way to get there 😭 i called every single clinic i could but it’s either they’re booked or they don’t accept my insurance provider 😢 idk what to do at this point i was so frustrated i wanted to cry but i was holding since i have my son with me. It looks like i’m not gna have my anatomy scan 😢 i only get 2 scans and i get f***** to the important scan that i’m looking forward to the most 😢 i’m supposed to be “high risk” but they’re not treating me like one, i have history of high blood pressure and taking meds and my LO had IUGR so he was born premature and i feel like they’re not taking me seriously 😩