I have to vent.....

Trying to conceive SUCKS! Infertility SUCKS! Why can’t my body just do what it was designed to do?!?! 😭 Trying the natural route didn’t work. Trying the Clomid route didn’t work. Is anything ever going to work?? 19 months of trying has come and gone and I have NOTHING to show for it. not even one positive pregnancy test after all this time.

So tired of the negative tests, the sad emotions of getting my period instead of missing it, seeing everyone with their pregnancy announcements and not knowing if my time will ever come.

Ugh sorry. I just needed to get that out. Not many people get it if they haven’t walked the path of infertility, so I figured if anyone would understand, it would be the ones that are walking with me on this raw and unwanted journey.