Need Advice


So, my boyfriend and I know that we will struggle to get pregnant when we start trying because I have PCOS. His parents make comments every now and then about babies and when but I just shrug them off. immediate family like my mom and dad know what is going on and fully support whatever treatment or direction we decide to take in our fertility journey. My boyfriend or fiancé is what I should say, wants to tell his parents as well but I am not comfortable telling them. I told him he can without me for several reasons.

1. I’m not comfortable

2. His parents are a bit old fashioned like I must bare a child with their son

3. They have made comments about his uncle being with a woman who could no longer have children and how they would tell him to find another woman that could

4. They said the same about his cousin who literally has a dying girlfriend (has cancer I believe) who he wants to spend the last of her years with her, but they say how he could find someone healthy to have kids with.

I like my fiancé’s parents a lot, but after finding out what they have said and what I know what they will tell my fiancé makes me sad and I just want to cry. I told him to go ahead, but I won’t be going over for a while, because his dad is someone who likes to “discuss”. I’m sorry but I don’t want to discuss with him as he is not my father to tell me what I should do. I just need advice on how to handle all this. It’s bad enough that I feel like PCOS is pushing my biggest dream of being a mom far away. It already pains me in my heart that there is a possibility it could never happen and I don’t need the added criticism from someone else. Help!