Getting back in the saddle


After a much needed 6-8 month hiatus from TTC, we’ve decide to go all in (again🤦🏼‍♀️).

Started OPK’s yesterday, bought Preseed today, scheduling my fiancé SA (finally) and making an appointment with my OB (he’s going to be sick of seeing me at some point🤪)

Taking PNV and ASA 81mg daily (never stopped those)

Starting fiancé back FertiAid for men and he’s still on his Clomid daily.

Everyone said “oh when you stop trying is when it will happen”... well it didn’t so that’s a let down in itself 😫 but I’m so anxious that it really isn’t ever going to happen.

Anyone have any advice or tips on what we can add to what we’re already doing? Desperate is an understatement, I’ll be 37 in Nov 😭