Sex story ||

He can feel your walls tightening around his 8 inch dick. Your about to burst; and our husband is enjoying every moment of you trying to remain calm. You tell your self that you just can’t take it anymore, and plus him threatening to punish you if you cum is making it that much harder. Then all of a sudden your insides start getting warm and your husband pulls out. You cum instantly looking at his cock pull out of you tight red pussy. You give him a smirk and tell him to un-handcuff you. He jumps off the bend and walks to take the hand cuffs off you. Once your hands are free you sit up on your bed and spread your legs wide open. You yell at your husband to sit at the edge of the bed and watch you play with your soaking wet pussy while playing his dick. You said if he cums again he’ll be punished. You start playing with your clit, and sticking fingers in your vagina moaning “daddy” “please daddy make me cum” “dont you want to help me cum daddy” “ughh daddy my pussy is so wet, it needs you fat cock in side it” your husband looks at you with a desperate look in his eyes. You tell him to get up and get on the bed. You pick your red lace panties from the floor and shove them in his mouth. You crawl on top of his long muscular body and look him in his eyes, and say “you’ve been a bad boy daddy, but maybe I can straighten you out” “you need to learn how to take orders properly” he looks at you and gives you the biggest smile. You tell him to shove his dick in slowly as you bounce up in down. You can tell he’s about to cum already.

He cums and as he’s cumming you start to grind on his dick which drove him nuts. He spit out your underwear flips you over and starts pounding your pussy

You weren’t prepared for this and you feel your insides twitching and tightening around his dick again and he’s moaning in your ear “scream my name” “scream my fucking name” you scream his name. He then whispers “I’m going to cum inside you again” you laugh and say “we wouldn’t have it any other way daddy” you both cum at the same time. You Guys are so exhausted you turn over on your side and your husband wraps his arms around you, and oh fall sleep naked.